About me

When I was eleven, I got a job delivering our community newspaper. I saved up my paychecks with the intention of buying myself a computer. Eventually, I had saved up a few hundred dollars, and my mom brought home a used i386 that ran PC D.O.S. It had a word processor called S.M.A.R.T. and a game called Donkey.

I was soon hooked on Sierra games like Kings Quest, Police Quest and Conquests of Camelot. During this impressionable time, I knew that when I grew up, I wanted to be one of three things: an artist, a writer and a video game designer. Not much has changed from those days as I continue to pursue those goals.

Growing up, art class was always my favourite. But at the end of the day, I am just an OK hand-drawer. I can draw things that look reasonably like the items they represent, but I'm no master. I'd be better if I practiced more, but I moved from hand drawing to mostly digital illustration around 2001.

I created my first animations and games using a student copy of Macromedia Flash 5. It was my introduction to vector drawing tools and not being the best hand drawer allowed me to create more freely.

Art and illustration lead me to learn how to make 3D art. I was more often able to understand an object by rendering it in a 3D space and using that as a reference for 2D. As I learned more about 3D animation, modelling and texturing, I found more places to create (and sell) this content.

The Second Life metaverse was one place where I made and sold 3D assets under my brand Enchant3D. It was also this interest in digital art that lead to my return to school in 2008 to study Graphic Design at Red River College.

In 2015, things took a pivot with the birth of my son. Unfortunately, having a young child, a full-time job AND a passionate hobby was a real challenge as the spare time (and energy) I had previously had available create content really took a hit.

As time went on things got easier and I got myself to the point where I could squirrel away a few hours a week to look at content creation. I had developed in interest in Virtual Reality, which brought me to Unity, where I have been working actively with over the last 3 years.

In 2020, I created my studio Nascent Reality and released an asteroid mining themed match-3 game called Ceres Connection to the Google Play Store. It wasn't a raging overnight success but has provided me the confidence that I can create, design and develop games with Unity. In April 2022, I became a Unity Certified Associate Artist.

I am currently working on a card game - which you can check progress on here: https://nascentreality.itch.io/thirty-one-eh