We Honeymooned In Belize

The hubs and I went to Belize for our Honeymoon. We stayed in San Pedro Town on the island of Ambergris Caye – about an hour by speedboat from Belize City.

I had wanted to stay in a Cabana (Survivor Honeymoon!), but the place I originally wanted to stay (Captain Morgans AKA Temptation Island) was closed for renovations for the month (did I mention it was hurricane season?)

I decided to look for more places in the area and found a cute little (affordable) hideaway in Hotel Del Rio Belize. The staff there (especially Javier <3) were really friendly and helpful.


We had our own private little Cabana near the beach, it had a bed, a shower and a mini fridge, it was all we needed!

Hotel Del Rio is located beachfront just across the road from the ocean, it has its own pier that you can lounge out on and go for a drip (if you don’t mind a little seaweed). I recommend getting a massage from Shirlene at Just Relax who is set up on the beach right next door. She’s amazing and a great person!


We could walk up the beach road (10-15 minutes) into San Pedro town for food and shopping.


The night we arrived (after 15 hours of travel) our lives were saved by the last two slices of baked mac and cheese from Wet Willy’s Smokehouse.

We ate most mornings at a place on the beach called Licks which was owned by an ex-pat Canadian whose kitchen served up a delightful breakfast burrito.

Our biggest food find was actually an El Salvadorian restaurant (recommended by Javier) where they served Delicious hand made pupusa which are made with a corn flower called masa and filled with meat, cheese, and vegetables.


We took in some local culture by attending the Chicken Drop a sort of bingo game that happened on the beach at one of the local bars -Wahoo’s Lounge which involves a reggae band singing a song called “Sexy Chicken” and blowing up its butt for good luck. The end goal of the game is to get the chicken to poop on your number.


We were there for their independence day and got to enjoy a wonderful parade down the beach.

There is a the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world just off the coast of Ambergris Caye – we went out to Hol Chan Marine Reserve several times to snorkel and swim with sharks!


We also took a guided tour into Guatemala for a day to visit the Mayan ruins of Tikal.


I’m not going to lie, getting from Belize into Guatemala was a bit of a gong show that involved asking us for cash before we reached the border, then our guide handed us of to another man (we weren’t expecting this) – it was fine but a little unnerving. When we finally reached Tikal however, our Guide there was amazing.


All and all it was an amazing trip, if I could go back in time and do it again the only thing I would change would to be to bring a mosquito net with us (there was a hook in the cabana) to keep the bugs away and stop the geckos (who lived in the rafters) from pooping on the bed. 😀

(P.S. Forget the microblogging haha I’m just not cut out for it)

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