Twin Peaks: The Return Fan Theories Episode 6 *spoilers*

I have always been a Twin Peaks superfan and a big fan of David Lynch’s other work as well. I was thinking through Sunday’s episode and here is what I think is happening, seeing connections with how the current show ties in with the old series. I believe there is more of that going on that people think (or at least people who have seen the series once, not 824810 times like me).

If you have not watched up to Season 3 Episode 6 stop here, turn around and come back when you have.

If you have watched the episodes and want to mull a few ideas over… read on.

In the first episode the Log Lady called Deputy Hawk and told him he’d find something that was lost and that the thing that would help him find it was related to his heritage.

In episode 6, Hawk drops an Indian head penny, then notices an Indian head logo on the bathroom door. This coincidence causes him to inspect the stall door which has been tampered with and inside he finds handwritten ruled pages. The pages from Laura’s diary? Likely.

Now if you haven’t seen FWWM, then you won’t know that Laura Palmer had a dream and in it she saw Annie Blackburn (who was brought to the Black Lodge by Winham Earl at the end of season 2) who told Laura. “The good Dale is stuck in the lodge and can’t leave. Write it in your diary.” I speculate that this message might be written on the missing pages of Laura Palmer’s diary.

So how did the diary pages end up in the door of the sheriff station?

Phillip Gerard (the one armed man) was often been possessed by Mike (another spirit from the Black Lodge). In a dream, Mike told Cooper about how he and Bob lived together above a grocery store and killed together until Mike saw the face of god, and cut off his left arm to rid himself of evil. He has been trying to stop Bob ever since. 

The Man from another place refers to himself as “the arm” in the first seasons. The arm later evolved into a sycamore tree with a glowing brain for a head (after things with Michael Anderson went sour) in The Return.

How did Mike (Gerard) get the pages? I’m not sure. He could have found where Bob (Leland) had hidden them or maybe he was somehow responsible for taking them in the first place.

In the first series, when Phillip Gerard came to see sheriff Truman, he saw the sketch of Bob and got spooked. He excused himself to the washroom and tried give himself an injection, drugs that kept Mike at bay. In the scene, he appeared to have some kind of seizure, I would surmise that was Mike taking control and hid the pages in the door because he felt Bob was near.

We are one third of the way through The Return. If this play has 3 acts that was the end of Act I. I think we’ll see pivotal change in the next episode as the start of Act II. Including (I hope), the transformation of Dougie Jones back into Cooper. I don’t know if you noticed but Dougie dressed himself in Coops dark suit in episode 6.

Why did the original Dougie turn into a ball bearing after swapping places with Good Cooper?

My theory here is that Coopers doppelganger (AKA Bad Coop) got himself cloned. Gerard / Mike in the lodge told the original Dougie that he was manufactured for a purpose. How else do you manufacture human life? If we assume they haven’t perfected cloning, then it explains why Dougie is a lousy guy.. cheating,  drinking, gambling etc … a less than perfect copy of the evil doppelganger (and nothing like the chipper and moral Dale Cooper). But was enough of a match to the copy of Coopers essence to trick the Black Lodge into swapping Good Cooper for Dougie instead of the Doppelganger.

Now there are two of them and the doppelganger knows there can only be one – and is making every attempt to kill Good Coop. Sadly good coop is in a stupor but seems to have luck on his side.

As for those assassination attempts…

The woman in the office that arranged assassination of Dougie when he is followed to the vacant development. When the assassination fails,  she calls the black box in Argentina. When Bad Coops calls the same black box in he says “The cow jumped over the moon” not sure what that means, but subsequently the Jerky guy in another office receives a red message on his computer and then retrieves an envelope from a safe, which is delivered to a dwarf with an ice pick, containing images of the woman who contracted the first hit attempt and Dougie. He killed the woman in her office, we’ll have to wait until next week to see how Dougie / Good Coop Escapes.

The only other possible theory I have is the call that Bad Coop got the radio call from “Phillip Jeffries” who ‘wanted  to ‘say goodbye’ and couldn’t wait to ‘be with Bob again’.  Bad Coop seemed unsure that he was talking to Phillip Jeffries (who previously had ties to Argentina where the black box was located). I wonder if possibly (and I’ll have to re-watch to confirm timelines) that he might have been talking to “the arm”, the evil that Mike separated from himself (who may miss old times with bob) possessing either Jeffries or someone else posing as Jeffries.

Cherry pie for thought!

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