PDF Download Click Event Tracking on WordPress with Google Tag Manager

One of the things about how Google’s Universal Analytics works – is that it requires you to embed a tracking code in your web pages in order to send the visitor information back to our Google Analytics account for reporting. However when you offer a file for download (which might be a DOC, a PDF or a ZIP file) on your website it won’t be recorded because the tracking code cannot be embedded into the files themselves and Google Analytics has no way to know if the action has occurred.

This is where Tag Manager comes into play. Like Google Analytics, it also requires you to embed a tracking code (called a Container ID) into your website, but instead of sending data back to Google Analytics each time a page is viewed, it creates a listener that can notify Google Analytics (or other services) that the user has completed a specific action. The events it listens for, and the data it returns to Google Analytics, are specified by you using the Tags created and maintained with Google Tag Manager.

I’ve created this video tutorial to get you started with Google Tag Manager in WordPress. In this tutorial we’ll cover:

  • Creating a container with Google Tag Manager
  • Installing a Google Tag Manager plug-in in WordPress
  • Creating a Variable in Google Tag Manager to store our Universal Analytics tracking code.
  • Creating a Tag in Google Tag Manager to track PDF Download click events.
  • Creating a Trigger in Google Tag Manager to fire when a PDF link is clicked (this can easily be modified for other types of files)
  • Live Preview of the Tag created on the blog website
  • Reviewing Click Event reporting in Google Analytics
  • Publishing Your Tags & Versioning

Watch the video now:

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