My Black Lodge VR Experience at Sketchfab

I’ve had an account at Sketchfab under my avatars identity for a few years but never really deep into using it. It was a place you could upload 3D models too allow people to preview them within a web browser using the mouse to turn them 360 degrees. I thought it would be cool for creating a 3D modelling portfolio at some point so I stayed on their mailing list.

At some point in September, they announced that they were having their first ever VR contest – they had recently added VR capabilities to their web-based service.  As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I have been dabbling in VR development for the Gear VR, and knowing this service was web-based, it really peaked my interest.  Since this development is done under my own identity, I signed up for a new account, to joint the contest.

Community Contest: Lights, Camera, Immersion!

The contest asked the community to recreate their favorite movie scene as a immersive VR experience using any style you liked.  I chose the iconic Black Lodge from David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Here is my entry:

Sketchfab has direct support for .blend files so I did all my modeling and texturing within blender, some lighting effects and the skybox were added within the Sketchfab interace. You can look around the room by scrubbing with your mouse, or experience it in VR using your preferred VR device.

I didn’t win the contest but I had a lot of fun! Some of the entries were amazing and the winners selected were definitely also my favorites. Be sure to check them out!

Lights, Camera, Immersion Contest – the Winners!

I’ll be working on my Twin Peaks sim over at the Great Canadian Grid – I think I’ll be working on the Palmer House next. Check out my profile at Sketchfab to follow.

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