Fashion Illustration Part 2: 3D Render to Comic Line Art using Photoshop CC Actions

Welcome to part 2 of my digital to traditional fashion illustration workflow.

The goal of this tutorial is to convert the 3D render (that we created using Daz|Studio in Part 1) into line art that you can print on your home printer. We’ll be using that print out in Part 3 to trace the figure onto our art paper.

In the tutorial I use a series of Image>Adjustment settings in Adobe Photoshop CC to create the comic art effects,  but the process contains a lot of repetitive steps. Instead of trying to remember what I did, each time I want to process an image like this, I record my steps into a Photoshop Action. Then I can use the Action to reapply my steps to similar images in the future.

If you’d like to experiment with creating your own comics or graphic novels – actions are great! And a real time saver, as they allow you to convert an image to line art with a single click. Photoshop Actions aren’t only good for converting images to line art, you can save any set of repetitive steps to make complicated tasks simple!

Check out the tutorial video here:

Fashion Illustration Part 3: Tracing our figure, sketching and inking will be available in the next few days.

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