Fashion Illustration Part 1: Starting with a 3D Figure using Daz Studio

Welcome to part 1 of my digital to traditional fashion illustration workflow.

I had been studying apparel design at Red River college when I had my son last February. I had to take a break from the program, as sewing homework and babies generally don’t mix. I was, however, able to go back to join my group for the fashion illustration class when Morgan was around 9 months old. The first part of the class focused on figure drawing. I had actually taken figure drawing with the same instructor – 8 years earlier, as part of another program she’d taught at the college.

Now here is the thing about figure drawing, it requires lots of practice to be very good at it. Drawing a flat croquis is actually not too bad, when the figure is standing straight with its arms down at it sides. But once you want to give the figure a creative pose, you have to deal with drawing limbs in perspective, and it creates a new set of problems.

I usually have a lot of projects on the go and deadlines to meet, so I cut myself some slack and look to 3D for a solution. Daz Studio – is a complete 3D morphing, posing, animation and rendering suite – where you own what you make, royalty free.  The software is free, and comes with a basic human figure (Genesis 3) and a handful of freebies you can load into the program. You can also purchase additional assets from an artist driven marketplace.

The following video is the first part of my workflow for creating a traditional 2D fashion illustration starting with the Genesis 3 Female figure in Daz Studio.

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