Editing RAW Terrain files for OpenSim in Photoshop CC

The creation of RAW terrain files for OpenSim grids was not a skill I had in my toolbox until recently. Although I had never owned an entire sim in Second Life, I had played around with the region settings and terrain editor after installing Open Simulator locally. I find the in-world terrain editing tool to be a bit inexact, and hard to control at times. My mileage with the OpenSim viewers also varied quite a bit and effected my user experience.

When I started renting sims from the Great Canadian Grid, I suddenly had full sims at my fingertips and a desire for more control.

There are a few sites that provide information on terrains file creation but I found them to be overly technical and a little overwhelming. It wasn’t until I started poking around in Photoshop that I began to understand how easy it really was.

I have put together a video on YouTube where I create 3 simple terrain modifications in Photoshop, I’ve posted it to YouTube you can watch it here:

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For more information on the Great Canadian Grid visit http://www.greatcanadiangrid.ca


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