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After high school, my first desk job was as a production coordinator for a local embroidery company. A little later I went to go work for a client who produced and managed a line of children’s clothing. After working in administration for a few years I decided to go to college to get a certificate to improve my job prospects.

I had a few options at the time. Because I had been working in the garment industry, I had considered taking Fashion Design at a college in southern Alberta. However, since I was also good with computers, I decided to stay local take Network Administration at Winnipeg Tech.

It turns out if you work for a full year before going to college, you are expected to have saved every cent you earned to put towards paying for your education. I of course, being 19 had not, so although my rent and food were covered through living at home, I had to take out a regular bank loan to pay for my college tuition, and get a part time job to make the payments. Had I decided to school out of province it probably would have taken me another year to get my finances in order, or do it anyhow and just accumulate myself a lot more debt.

The course was 10 months long, and it was fine, but I quickly figured out that computer hardware and networking bored me to tears. I was lucky enough to get a job with a company that did both networking and software development, and quickly found myself leaning towards the software end of things. This lead to me teaching myself web development, and eventually returning to college proper to get my Graphic Design diploma from Red River College in my later years to work on the creative side of things.

The interest in apparel design never really went away, I just kind of stowed it. I’m not what you call and avid seamstress. I tackle a pattern or will alter a garment to fit my needs every couple of years, mostly in the pursuit of a Halloween costume idea. And really, I don’t have any visions of becoming a high fashion designer (although I do watch Project Runway when I get the chance). My interest is, and probably always has been in costuming.

I used to take a lot of continuing ed classes before I went back to college full time. It’s been a little over 4 years since I graduated and I decided it was time to go back. I had been eyeing the Apparel Design certiciate program at RRC and finally took the plunge and signed up for the first two classes.

Apparel Design

I’m in the middle of the Pattern Design class right now and I’m learning a ton! I wasn’t expecting the 8-12 hours of homework per week, to be honest, but its pretty fun so far.

The next class, Textiles, is apparently virtually homework-free, so I’ll be looking forward to that one starting in December.

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to post some future costume sewing projects on this blog.

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