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Every now and then when I am creating some marketing materials, be it for web or print, I find I need some custom 3D Text. There are some 3D Text options available in Photoshop and Illustrator but if you don’t have an Adobe CC subscription or own an older copy of Creative Suite you may not have access to them. I usually render my custom 3D type in Blender because it is open-source software that is free to use for commercial purposes, and is a handy tool to learn for artists, graphic designers, and D.I.Y Marketers.

I’ve created a video tutorial for creating custom 3D text in Blender 2.74, rendering it on a transparent background, so we can use it in a layered composition (not unlike our featured image above). This is a super handy skill to have because it allows you a lot of control over your image, is free to create (other than your time), and is pretty quick once you have the basics down.

This video was created for an intermediate blender user, however if you are just starting out with blender, I’ve taken the time to write out the steps I’ve taken in this tutorial, which you can use in conjunction with the video when you attempt this on your own.

Create 3D Text with a transparent background using Blender [PDF]

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