Beelieve in yourself: My Adventures in GameDev

Unity development has always been on my bucket list, but similar to how I learned blender, I’d get into Unity for a few days, then life would interrupt and I wouldn’t touch it for months and have to start all over again.   So if you’ve read my bio (expect sarcasm after the comma if you haven’t), you’ll know how much I LOVE coding. When it comes to Unity it was definitely one of the areas I need assistance with.

About 8 months ago I stumbled on Udemy, an online learning marketplace with curated course content in a variety of personal and professional development areas. I grabbed a few of the Unity development courses just to get a feel for the course and delivery and one of them stuck for me:  The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity. Most of the things I know, I’ve not learned in a classroom, but from generous talented people who share their skills online – and Jonathan Weinberger (gamedevjon) of GameDevHQ who developed this Unity authorized course is now one of them!

The course also gave me access to the GameDevHQ Discord community – which I joined just as they were putting together their first game jam. I had completed about half of the course by that time so I decided to give making a game a shot with what I’d learned so far. I managed to create a side scroller game called Beelieve where you play a Bee trying to collect enough pollen for the Queen while racing against your falling energy levels. You can also collect suns (energy boosts), lightning bolts (speed boosts) to help you along – but watch out for falling spiders!

Here is a video from my early development:

You can try out the WebGL version of the final game here:

There were a few amazing entries and needless to say I didn’t place in the game jam on my first time out – but, I had a lot of fun learning and have participated in a few more community game jams since then (I’ll save those for another blog post) and I’m still going strong. If you are looking for a starting place to learn Unity development I highly recommend GameDevHQ and the  The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity.

Before you go, one last thing!

I asked Jon if he had a coupon code I could share with you to get you a great price on your first course – and he did!

The Ultimate Guide to Game Development with Unity:

Follow the link above for a special promo price CA$12.99!

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